Dear Friends and Customers,

It’s been a great pleasure serving you over the years. Badi Publishing first formed in 1993, and with that came a foray into the world of publishing, creativity, and fun which has brought us into contact with talented authors, artists and patrons such as yourself. You have made the journey possible and so your support and patronage has been, and will always be, much appreciated.

As with everything in life, all good things must come to an end—and although this is true in our case, new adventures await. We hope that our paths will one day cross again.

Best wishes,
Badi Publishing Corporation

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Peaceful Pages
Tel: 503.654.0802

Wall Hangings
Greeting Cards
World Citizen Bumper Stickers 
2017 Bahá'í Pocket Calendars Jan-Dec
2017 Bahá'í Pocket Calendars Mar-Feb 
2017 Bahá'í Monthly Planner  

Bahá'í Booksource International
5755 Rodeo Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90016
Tel: 323.933.8292

Bahá'í Prayers and Daily Readings
The Heart of Living Board Book
Life-Giving Waters
A Commentary on the Tablet of the Holy Mariner
2017 Bahá'í Wall Calendar 11x17
2017 Bahá'í Wall Calendar 12x24
2017 Bahá'í Monthly Planner  

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Elaheh Mottahedeh-Bos

Bahá'í Prayers for Children
Bahá'í Readings for Children
Divine Springtime
The Heart of Living

Dee Moye Hoban

ABC Book of Bahá'í Prayers and Writings